Mila Yoga | Sun Salutations
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Sun Salutations

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit) is a dynamic sequence of 12 postures which brings breath, body and mind together, in a gesture of gratitude to the Sun.

It consists of 12 postures stretching the right side of the body and 12 postures stretching the left side, which makes one round.

When practiced in the morning, Sun Salutation revitalises the body and refreshes the mind, and you’ll feel energised throughout the day.



  • Develops mental clarity and focus.
  • Strengthens the back and helps balance overall metabolism.
  • Stretches, massages and tones joints, muscles and internal organs.
  • Balances hormonal levels in the body.
  • Boots vigour and vitality.
  • Stimulates and balances reproductive, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems of the body.
  • Prepares one for deeper states of meditation.