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About Mila

Passionate about yoga, I wish to share the many blessings that yoga has brought to my life.

My Classes

I currently teach every week at For the Core yoga studio in Hoxton.

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  • Teaching abroad

    Dear students I'll be away for 6 weeks teaching in a new yoga studio in Brazil.  Dhyana Studio is located in Natal, one of the most beautiful cities in the North East of Brazil. Soon I'll be back with wonderful experiences and new knowledge to share with you.  See you soon! Namaste...

  • 24 hours Silent Meditation

    Starting tonight, I will do a sponsored 24-hour silent meditation to the planet, to raise funds for the expansion of the wonderful tantra and yoga school where I am a student. The meditation is in silence, without food, sleep, any electronic device or books for 24 continuous hours, assuming I complete them. I will let you know how many hours I manage to complete at the end of the meditation....

  • New Relaxing Recharging and Re-energizing Yoga Class in Old Street

    This class is a perfect opportunity to relax and recharge your energy in the middle of the week. To take a break from our hectic city lives, giving time to ourselves to regain our balance and well-being....

  • Feeling judgemental???

    One of my favourite things to relax is to look at beautiful yoga pictures and videos on the internet. The other day I came across this amazing one leg chakrasana (wheel pose) and I just couldn’t resist comparing her posture (wearing lilac) with mine (wearing black). Feeling judgemental and critical about myself. Wait a minute…. I’m losing the whole point here! (Moment of reflexion and awareness) Yoga starts from where you are. It’s not about how good you can do it, but about the good it can do to you. Postures are beautiful and I’ll always aim to make them the best I can, improving every time. But leaving the criticism out of my practice. Accepting where I am today. Namaste...

  • Transition

    A transition from Upward Facing Dog (Urdvha Mukha Svanasana) to Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)....